12% of Deutsche Bank customers see Bitcoin at over $100,000

In a recent survey, 12% of Deutsche Bank customers see Bitcoin above $100,000 by 2021.

It should be emphasized that only 12% of the clients of Deutsche Bank Research, the largest institution in Germany, see Bitcoin above $100,000 by 2021… Will they be right?

Indeed, Bitcoin is the asset everyone is talking about. Whether it’s for or against. Even celebrities.

In fact, talking about Bitcoin Code reviews „maturing“ into a respected financial asset became the norm, thanks to the history of digital gold. Plus, the asset’s superior performance over any other traditional asset, in a year when it needed more money.

In this regard, leading crypto analysts, expect Bitcoin to reach prices of up to $400,000. But why do only 12% of Deutsche Bank’s customers see Bitcoin’s price reach $100,000 or more? Are they right?

If anything, are the $400,000 projections a sign that the market is becoming euphoric and there’s a risk that momentum will weaken, as John Templeton suggested, and is that why most Deutsche Bank respondents don’t see Bitcoin reaching more than $100,000?

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12% of Deutsche Bank customers believe that Bitcoin will exceed $100,000

By the way, Deutsche Bank customers were asked what they thought about where Bitcoin might be in a year. All this, based on a recent survey.

Interestingly, the issue of Bitcoin’s price for 2021 is hot right now. With what appears to be a bullish market on the rise.

However, the price projections presented by respondents paint a less optimistic picture than most.

Most Deutsche Bank customers, for example, agree that Bitcoin will trade higher in 2021, ranging from $20,000 to $49,900. But, less than a third of those surveyed are not convinced and expect Bitcoin to be below $20,000 in 2021.

In fact, only 12% believe that Bitcoin will exceed $100,000 by next year. Who could be wrong? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

Finally, since the leading cryptomoney by market capitalization is at the forefront of much of the financial world, it has generated wider expert criticism. We hope that by 2021 it will bring encouraging news.

I leave with this quote from Fred Rogers: „Often, when you think you are at the end of something, you are at the beginning of something else.